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Waterfalls to Visit in Costa Rica

Updated: Jan 30

When you think of Costa Rica, you likely think of waterfalls! That is because we have a lot of amazing waterfalls! Here is a list of the top waterfalls in Costa Rica all located close to Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge. These are all an easy day trip from Casitas Del Rio.

#1 - Casitas Del Rio Waterfall

Located just a short walk up the river from Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge. No need to drive, just walk up the river. If you prefer we can arrange a horseback ride to the waterfall.

#2 - Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park

You can spend half a day or a full day here at the waterfall nature park. It is 2.7 kilometers from the parking area to the falls so best to bring proper footwear for hiking. The trails are manicured and amazing! You can access the waterfalls by foot, horse, or hire a truck.

You have your choice of the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls. The Upper Falls is an impressive 80meters(262ft drop). The Lower Falls is a tiered waterfall about 26meters(85feet) with a nice swimming pool and plenty of sun warmed rocks to sit on.

This is not a free waterfall and you do have to pay to enter the waterfall nature park, but they do offer changing rooms and showers.

Located 50 minutes from Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge

#3 - El Pavon Waterfall A free waterfall located near Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge. Easy access and free parking on the street. It only takes about 2 minutes with a dozen steep steps. Most of the terrain is flat. It is a bit off the beaten path and so the road getting there can be interesting especially during October/November when there is more rain. No 4x4 is needed and road is lovely with a bridge and takes you along the river.

What makes this waterfall unique is the two massive rocks on either side of the waterfall, with the smaller rock in the middle. El Pavon waterfall is enchanting and the swimming pool is usually deep enough to swim in year around even in the driest months.

Located 30 minutes from Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge

#4 Uvita Waterfall & Butterfly Gardens

With very easy access this waterfall is the closest to Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge. The added bonus is the butterfly garden, be sure not to miss this! This is also one of the few waterfalls you can actually slide down.

Located 10 minutes from Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge

#5 Poza Azul Waterfall - Dominical, Costa Rica

A free waterfall that is also on the must see list for places to visit in Uvita, Costa Rica. Very near Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge. A beautiful mix of green and blue freshwater cascading down a 20ft waterfall into a wide mouthed swimming hole.

Located 17 minutes from Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge

#6 - Eco Chontales Waterfall

A majestic waterfall with a 220 foot magical waterfall that is surrounded by jungle. It is a 20 minute moderate hike to the waterfall. There is even a 30ft cliff dive for the adventurous souls! This is a bit of an adventure to get to! You need to have a 4x4 vehicle or you can take a tour with a local ATV company which includes lunch and a visit to an eco farm. The road off the paved road is about 12km and includes hanging bridges you have to drive over in your vehicle!

It is 3000 colones for the entrance or about $6.00. From the entrance is is about 600meter walk.

Located 1hr and 15 minutes from Casitas Del Rio Riverfront Eco-Lodge

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