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Casitas Del Rio

In Spanish it means Homes on the River!   We are located in Uvita, Costa Rica.  Known for its central location on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and stunning mountain landscapes that are closer to the palm-fringed beaches that are some of the best unspoiled beaches in the country!

Home to a printing marine reserve, Ballena Bahia, Whale' Tail Beach, Playa Hermosa, breathtaking waterfalls, warm uncrowded beaches, and beautiful plant and animal species that are only found in this rainforest zone.   Everything you imagined a tropical vacation to Costa Rica would be!

Jungle Beach Vacation! 

We have 5 Private Villas for you to choose from!

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2-night minimum.

Sloth & Tortuga Premium Villas with Private Jacuzzi

La Rana(Frog) Deluxe Villa - Larger Deck, Bathroom & Private Picnic Table. 

Toucan & Macaw - Private Villas

Idyllic Costa Rica

We spent most of our lives in places with amazing beaches.  We longed to find more jungle, plants, and animals.  But, we just loved our beach lives.  So we spent years traveling the world looking for the perfect combination of jungle and beach!   Costa Rica offers many nice jungle and beach locations, but Uvita Costa Rica is unique.   Uvita has steep mountains very close to the beach, closer than anywhere else.  This juxtaposed position gives you an amazing view from the beach looking at the lush towering mountains.  From the mountains, you get amazing vistas of the beaches.   

Also, Uvita is in the Pacific Rim Rainforest.  Unlike other destinations north of us, Uvita has super lush tropical plants that flower all year around.  Heliconias, banana trees, and well a true rainforest! 

Casitas Del Rio is bordered by a nature park.  This is a biological corridor vital to the animals.  It is protected by the government to preserve the space for the animals.  You can enjoy the groomed hiking trails there.   Take a guided bird-watching tour over 300 different species of birds have been identified!   Go horseback riding to the waterfall or beach or rent mountain bikes to enjoy the trails.   With the river and hundreds of acres of pristine jungle all around us, it ensures a peaceful connection to nature and tons of wildlife to view from your front porch!

Infused in Nature!   
                                        Mystified by the River.

Enchanted by the Jungle!

                                                       Conveniently near the beach.

                                          This is the Jungle Beach Vacation you have been dreaming about! 

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